4 ways by which field service lightning will improve your business

4 ways by which field service lightning will improve your business

Are you looking for a solution to collaborate efficiently to improve the performance of your mobile workers? If your answer is in the affirmative, Field Service Lightning is the right choice for your business.

Today, customers are asking for seamless experiences across different channels. The legacy systems of the past create more hurdles than they offer solutions and this is where the powerful Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) comes into the picture. 

Offering a true 360-degree view of the customers with access to data on a real-time basis, FSL helps growth-oriented organizations offer the ability to manage the whole customer experience to the service agents – from the sale to service requests and field service solutions- in a unified system.

Let us access 4 amazing ways by which Field Service Lightning can enhance the performance and growth prospects of your organizations.

Increased efficiency: FSL enables technicians to be more impactful and productive. Service Organizations can save a lot of time, effort, and resources by optimizing the time of field technicians with schedule optimization. FSL integrates work orders with assets, accounts, cases, and other items you have entered as data in Salesforce. In other words, Field Service Lightning lets employees be more productive and flexible while being mobile.

FSL allows timely scheduling of tasks and responsibilities based on time, availability, location, skills, and other relevant factors — this leads to optimized service capabilities. This is primarily because the assigned mobile worker will be notified about the exact task and therefore will show up all prepared at the onsite. It leads to improved profitability, better customer satisfaction, and reduced costs.

Streamlined communication: Communication is critical for every success-oriented field service business. A lot of moving parts are required to be handled and addressed promptly and efficiently to fulfill the expectations of customers. This is simply because Field Service Lightning provides real-time collaboration and live agent chats. It, in turn, facilitates seamless connections from the customer to a service agent and also employees to other employees.

FSL is also beneficial as it helps organizations provide support to the business customers through multiple media channels, irrespective of the channel the customers prefer.

Improved Inventory Management: Today, data drives every business. Inventory can be stored in multiple warehouses, locations, and service vehicles when it comes to a field service business. Inventory numbers on a real-time basis are critical when it comes to the efficient management of business assets and Field Service Lightning is just the perfect solution for real-time tracking of products and components. This data is available to all users, irrespective of their location.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Customer satisfaction weights on a lot of factors. Field Service Lightning provides different tools, methodologies, and features to improve the performance of assets, including manpower, in countless ways. 

If this is not all, FSL helps in improving customer journeys and experiences alongside providing personalized services and minimizing mistakes. The customer threshold for navigating multi-step processes reduces as technology improves. 

A profit-oriented business must reduce friction for the customers to keep them satisfied. This can be achieved by offering ease of use, real-time interaction, customization of services, shortage of waiting times, and service through mobile devices. It is where Field Service Lightning comes into the picture, making customer service a priority.

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