Introduction to Salesforce lightning bolt

Introduction to Salesforce lightning bolt

Ever since the Community Cloud was introduced by Salesforce, it has received a fantastic response from a wide range of industries for delivering a quite impressive and truly stunning experience. Every Cloud update comes up with more surprising features and functionalities to improve automation and productivity even more. 

Community Cloud is a cloud-based service that transforms businesses by helping them create branded sites, portals, and massive communities. This collaborative effort lets you connect with the customers, partners, and employees to share information, solve their queries, and sell more via multiple channels.


You may have heard a lot of buzz about Lightning Bolts listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. You might be wondering what are they? How they are useful for businesses? How can you use them with the Salesforce CRM platform? Don’t worry! Keep on reading the post and find out all the answers to your questions.



Salesforce introduced Lightning Bolt, the latest innovation and framework in the Salesforce platform, which allows companies to create personalized communities for their customers, partners, and employees. The Lightning Bolt is a new way to enhance an organization’s ability to deliver highly personalized customer experience and that can be accessed from any device.

All-new Salesforce Lightning Bolt

Salesforce Lightning Bolt Solutions – Build once, Distribute, and Reuse.

The main goal of Salesforce Lightning Bolt is to deploy and deliver a highly personalized community and build mobile-ready portals rapidly. This brand new framework supercharges businesses by crafting incredible portals and communities. It enables the partner to create a breathtaking customer-facing website that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce with just a few clicks and minimum efforts and hassle.


With the integration of Lightning Bolt, Salesforce has brightened up their portfolio and introduced innovative ways to improve customer experience and enhance user engagement.

Developers can leverage Lightning components to build Bolt solutions using the Salesforce ecosystem that has deep business logic and built-in workflows. Lightning Bolt framework is depicted to make customers’ experiences faster and simple and helps businesses improve their online social communities and customized portals.

Lightning Bolt Solution combines custom Lightning apps, Lightning template pages, and business process flow in simpler and distributable formats.

With Lightning Bolt Solutions, you can share or sell a solution on AppExchange, build and reuse visually stunning personalized community, and configure automation. It enables you to publish apps or flows without using the Lightning Community Template.

Salesforce Lightning Bolt solution comprises one or more of the following items:

Lightning Community templates – A template includes a CSS and theme layout with pages, lighting components, and content layouts. You can export a single community page along with content layout and component instead of exporting a full template.

  • Flow Category – It contains one or more flows, making it easy to tie group flows altogether for related processes of the business.
  • Custom apps – You can add customized apps that let you create solutions that fit your business needs.

How Salesforce Lightning Bolt can help your business?

Now, comes the most important part. But what does this really mean to you? Still thinking?

Let’s come, find the answer.

Well, Salesforce Lightning Bolt serves two benefits:

  1. Salesforce Lightning Bolt saves money, time, and effort.
  2. Provide industry-centric solutions

Before the arrival of Lightning Bolts, everything had to start from scratch when the need was for industry-vetted solutions and somehow these solutions were missing with standard Salesforce products. In the past, it was either you or your Salesforce Implementation Partner doing this and there is no denying that it used to consume a lot of time, money, and effort.

And then came Lightning Bolt to take customization to a higher level by offering a consistent and unified experience.

Lightning Bolt focuses on Salesforce’s business logic, automated process, and workflows, customers’ information and the expertise of the ecosystem. It assists with seamless integration with the CRM, with all customer collaboration recorded in Salesforce CRM. Bolt applications are integrated without any configuration or modification with CRM Community Cloud, and other systems easily using APIs.

Salesforce Implementation Partners have already built 1000 personalized Lightning communities, enabling customers and employees to interact and collaborate in new ways. It allows developers to take a step forward and create industry-specific solutions like B2B eCommerce, partner relationship management, and patient care portals in a faster and simpler manner.

Deep dive into the world of Salesforce Lightning Bolts today to find out which solutions your business could benefit from and can be tailored to your requirements.

Steps to set up Lightning Bolt Solution

Step 1: Create a Community and do all the changes that you want to do.

Setup>> Community>>New community

Step 2: Export the Community Template.

Once all changes are done, click on Setting and then click on Developer, then fill up all the required details.

Step 3: Now create Bolt Solution.

Setup>> Lightning Bolt Solution>> A detail Branding page appears on the screen where you have to enter information about your Lightning Bolt Solution.

Step 4: Choose the template you like to export and Click Finish

Finally, your Lightning Bolt Solution is ready!!

If you want to share a similar Lightning bolt solution with anyone then you can create one managed package and share it.



Salesforce Lightning Bolt is an excellent tool to significantly transform the ability of growth-driven organizations for delivering personalized and delighting consumer experiences. Empower your organization now by enhancing user engagement and improving consumer experiences with Salesforce Lightning Bolt now!

Cloud Analogy On AppExchange

To reap the benefit of a full stack of solutions by Salesforce Lightning, move forward to AppExchange, the Salesforce store. You can leverage Lightning components to build Lightning Bolts and Data Solution. Do you need more information on their key features? We are here to help you to get more success. Contact us at


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