Salesforce Enhances CRM

Salesforce Enhances CRM

Salesforce has announced Einstein Search, a new search feature that focuses on making service and sales teams more productive. The new, intelligent search bar is presently being piloted by some customers and early results demonstrate it can minimize the count of clicks it takes to achieve a task by 50 percent to 80 percent, Salesforce says.

Salesforce said this will at scale in significantly more productivity, especially given the fact that search is the most-used feature of Salesforce with more than a billion searches a month.

Einstein Search makes searching within the customer relationship management (CRM) platform of Salesforce more efficient in a wide range of ways, starting by returning personalized results. The new search tool of Salesforce responds efficiently to natural language queries with a deep and clear understanding of natural language specifically as it applies to Salesforce. Einstein Search also has the potential of enhancing efficiency with an actionable search bar. For instance, users can edit their sales records or possibly connect to the contact of an opportunity, directly from their search results.

In a blog post, Salesforce VP of Product Management Will Breetz said the reasons why the creation of an efficient search tool for the organization is more challenging than it sounds. Firstly, different users within an organization can have completely different goals like trying to close a sales deal, creating a new marketing campaign, or responding to a customer service case that makes it harder for the search engines to gauge user intent.

Secondly, different Salesforce customers customize their customer relationship management environments in varying ways with a predefined purpose to organize data to fit their specific requirements. This can make it tedious to build a single and unified single search model that is optimal for the customers. Most importantly, Salesforce doesn’t look at customer data and maintaining its privacy standards means the world’s number 1 CRM Company cannot rely on traditional and legacy machine learning techniques to improve its search tool.

Salesforce remarked it uses innovative machine learning and data mining techniques for delivering personalized results while keeping specific user information anonymized.

Einstein Search will be generally available next year and users can get early access to the beta release this winter.

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