Some Glimpse of Women in Technology event in FARIDABAD

Some Glimpse of Women in Technology event in FARIDABAD

Imagine a world without gender discrimination in technology and engineering world. Technology and engineering are the most exciting field to be right now. Learning new things, new innovations, and experiments increase the interest to be part of the tech world. Is it so? Then why shouldn’t every woman make their own identity with a technical career?

Data Supporting the Women in Technology Event

The number of women in tech has been increasing year over year, further highlighting the importance of more covering culture in tech. Women in tech events are great opportunities to meet colleagues, to exchange ideas, views and share experiences.

It gives me( Salesforce WIT leader, Faridabad) immense pleasure by organizing exciting events and gathering which include an inspiring session on innovative topics from the expert speakers. All I need is, be a part of the events and help others in building their career in Salesforce.

Not only just learning about the latest technologies, meet up with other people and have fun all the way.


Last month, I organized the women in tech event to inspire, engage and connect women working in technology and looking forward to more such motivational events to encourage more women to step up into a technology career. Sharing some memories of the day to increase the interest in women to participate in the upcoming events. I’m totally focused on empowering women and spread knowledge about their career development.


On April 27, 2019, the Salesforce WIT event was conducted by me which aims to motivate women and girl’s interest in the technology world. The awe-inspiring event served a meaningful purpose of engaging more women and girls to build their career in a tech-focused career. The event was a successful relationship with all the attendees.

I regulate Women in technology events on a regular basis, to provide opportunities for women in technology to share their views and opinions related to their experience in the tech world, highlighting the importance of being technology savvy, learning the valuable concept of Salesforce and interacting with each other who are interested to get into computing field.

A recent survey found that still the tech world is ruled by men. Why is it so? Why there aren’t more women in the technical field? The motive of conducting such events is to provide women the opportunity to learn from other women to understand the need for women in the technical field for innovation.

The wonderful saying  “The women shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves forward in each and everything” motivate to look upon the opportunities and grab them without hesitation.

Learning new things will build a good career and finds a way to improve career development.

What was it all about?

The event was a great victory! It was a one day conference where women from Salesforce community i.e tech companies and elsewhere came to hear the different sessions about career tips which are delivered by Salesforce’s woman.

Participating in the Sessions

In the first half of the day, the session was started about learning and being familiar with Lightning web components. It was a brief description of the new and more adaptive programming model for building Lightning Components. Moving forward to the next session, Speaker discussed Field Service Lightning– How it is effective, basic introduction about how to enable Field Service Lightning, Field Service Lightning features, etc. After the successful sessions, the girls were all ready with the questions and doubts which were promptly answered by the speakers.


After that, another session on understanding Lightning Components events was held to introduce component events in Salesforce framework. The discussion was related to knowing the difference between various Lightning events and many more.


The second half of the day included interaction with all the attendees about their experience in Salesforce career, feedback on what they understood from today’s session. Overall, everyone was indulged in sharing their views on what being a woman in tech means to them. The event was successful as everyone showed their contribution by putting up several questions, share their experiences and meeting up with each other discussing Salesforce and career.


Later on, the event was followed up by some fun-filled activities and games. Interactive games and activity as a part of the event and motivational sessions can be master tool whereas all people learn differently, making the sessions fun and interactive.


Encouraging attendees to be more relaxed and comfortable with each other, become energized and engaged to help women gain more interest and inspire more people addressing the events.

The different types of games played at the event were: Pick Tac Toe, Dumb charades, Ping Pong Race. Let me give a glimpse of these games.

Games that were Played

Pick Tac Toe– This game allows you to bounce your ball off a cup if you manage to aim it correctly.

Ping Pong Race– It requires you to blow a ball across a row of glasses full of water and make it reach to the final glass.

Dumb charades – Word guessing game of any movie through acting or with the help of gestures.

The fun-filled activities added lots of excitement and fun at the event. Moving further the event ended up with a lunch and prize distribution to all the audience of the day. In the course of the event, Salesforce Stickers, and other swags were distributed to honor the successful competition of the event by the attendees. All the women were appreciated for attending the inspiring event which will be a guide for me to improve the session and conducting more beneficial events in the future.

Final Impression

Overall, I think the event was up to the expectation of mine. All the speakers were passionate and with intense confidence delivered the basic knowledge of Salesforce related topics which helps the women to understand the importance of Salesforce as a good career option.I’m totally glad that so many women attended the event and shared their experience, meet up with each other.

I am expecting more women will participate in upcoming events and encourage others to join us in a journey of engaging more women in the technology domain. So, are you finally planning to join us in our upcoming events? If yes, don’t forget to register yourself through the link which is shared on social media platforms just a few days before the event. It would be a great pleasure to interact with you people.

Still, have any questions? Feel free to reach out to me through the comment section below.

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