Transfer Service launched by Google Cloud

Transfer Service launched by Google Cloud

Google Cloud has introduced Transfer Service, a new service for organizations for uploading their data from on-premise data centers into the Google Cloud. This new managed service, which is currently in the beta stage, provides an effective way to transfer large volumes of data. It would be an ideal choice for customers who want to move billions of files and petabytes of data with a single transfer.

Transfer Service for on-premises data is a scalable, reliable, and managed service that is intended to streamline the process of uploading data from other cloud repositories into Google Cloud Storage buckets.

With Transfer Service, users can import online data into Cloud Storage quickly and efficiently and set up a recurring transfer schedule, as well as transfer data within Google Cloud Storage.

Google said: “The service can be used with relatively slow internet connections, and users can also scale it up to utilize tens of Gbps worth of bandwidth, and use multiple agents to handle the transfer. Files weighing up to 100TB can be uploaded with a single transfer.”

To ensure data integrity while transferring data, users need to install an agent on their on-premises servers, select the directories they want to move or copy, and let the service do its task to maintain the accuracy and consistency of data.

Customers can also track the status of the data transfers from their web console. Also, they would now have access to a self-service web-based graphical user interface (GUI) with detailed transfer logs. This will help them create, monitor, and manage data transfer seamlessly. After uploading a file, Google would automatically check the integrity of it and will alert the consumer in case any technical problem occurs.

In this regard, Google is also offering Transfer Appliance that would enable customers to move large amounts of data from on-premises sources into Google Cloud. The on-premises appliance is a rack-mounted storage server that provides either 100 TB or 480TB of raw capacity. However, Google recommends the use of Transfer Service for on-premises data when transferring more than 1TB of data.

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