What is Salesforce-A Beginner’s Guide

What is Salesforce-A Beginner’s Guide

In these contemporary times, Cloud Computing is the hottest trend in technology that we are witnessing in the world. Above all, Salesforce is the emerging boon for the companies and businesses across. It has brought a dynamic revolution in the software industry with impeccable and outstanding services and features.  

Before the emergence of Salesforce, companies used to install CRM systems individually that involve a huge expenditure of money, time, and space. Even after this, they don’t work properly. Companies face a lot of challenges to cope with persisting issues. Hence, Salesforce is a major breakthrough in the arena of cloud computing. 

Now the question arises what is Salesforce?

Salesforce began as a Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM Company. It provides software solutions and services to the companies for taking their sales to the next level by establishing an incredible relationship with the customers, using the latest technology in the market. Everything happens on the cloud. A multitude of developers and users share custom software, in fact, all of them share the same technology, without getting worried about the system and software updates. 

Benefits of using Salesforce

 There are numerous benefits of including Salesforce in your Company and organization. The prominent ones are listed below: 

  • It is quite faster if we compare it with CRM software, it takes years to deploy CRM but a few months or weeks to deploy Salesforce. Hence, it is faster.
  • It is not as complex to use Salesforce than CRM.
  • If you do have the internet, then you and your team can get access to it from anywhere in the world.
  • It is scalable which means if the size of your company is not fixed, then you can easily scale the growth.
  • Salesforce can be integrated with social media and other applications so that you can engage with your customers and have a sound interaction with them.
  • Salesforce is pocket-friendly. 

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